December 23rd, 2016

green little review

Poem for Friday and Family Stuff

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I have spent all evening fighting with my computer, which decided it didn't like the new settings I spent days updating and required that they be reinstalled, and now LiveJournal doesn't want to let me see my Scrapbook, so I will take that as a sign to keep this brief. I spent the day with family, though I was working for a lot of it -- both sons were on their computers in the morning while I was working on a review, then we all went to California Tortilla for lunch and stopped in Giant to get ice cream for Adam to take to the all night movie marathon where he is now with his high school friends.

In the afternoon I did more work and began the aforementioned wrestling with my computer, plus I repaired a bit of jewelry and worked on the holiday packages that are clearly going to be late for Christmas but will hopefully arrive before Chanukah ends. My parents came for dinner to see Daniel, who is working from here again tomorrow. After they left, I tested my new Pokemon Go Plus which arrived from Japan late in the evening, yay! And we watched the Eagles beat the Giants, though I'm not sure if that helps Washington. Here are some photos of my past couple of days hanging around home:

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