January 3rd, 2017


Poem for Tuesday, Football, Family and Cats

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My Monday was all about the end of the holidays. We took Maddy to work, we dropped Daniel off at Dulles to fly to Seattle (which had snow on the ground when he landed, and he bought himself a new monitor with Chanukah money so he is happy), we drove Adam to College Park, took him food shopping, and brought him to his apartment, where he and his roommate Arturo are both staying for break so he can work in the lab, we picked Maddy up from work.

In between these car trips, we watched the important parts of the Cotton, Rose, and Sugar Bowls, one of which was won by the team for which I was rooting, one of which was almost won by the team for which I was rooting, and one of which isn't over but I don't really love either team so I'm not paying all that much attention. I also folded lots of laundry, uploaded holiday week photos, and ate too much leftover holiday candy -- resolutions are useless till my birthday junk is gone!

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By the way, if you're taking part in the LiveJournal exodus that no one has convinced me is really necessary, I'm the same username on Dreamwidth.