January 14th, 2017


Poem for Saturday, The Killing Game Part II, Apocalypse Now, National Zoo

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Alice came over Friday morning with boots for Maddy and we went out to lunch together at the mall so that Maddy could pick up the iPad she needs for school -- I had Cava, they had Wicked Waffle, then we went to the Apple Store, so we were all happy! When we came home I posted what will probably be my last-ever Voyager retro review, of "The Killing Game, Part II"; I thought about taking out the most critical paragraph to end on a happy note because I basically like the episode, but hey, complaining about the women's roles is as much my thing where this series is concerned as noting every scene pointing out what a crush Chakotay has on Janeway.

In the middle of the afternoon we drove to College Park to pick up Adam, who has Monday off since it's a state holiday so he figured he'd come home to see his grandparents and wait out the snow we're supposed to get (Christine is in the area too, though I'm not sure whether we'll see her). We had dinner with my parents while Maddy was at work. Then we came home and, in the course of discussing what to watch, discovered that Adam had never seen Apocalypse Now. I hadn't seen it in easily 30 years (and now I remember why -- I'd blocked out the water buffalo). Parts of it are very racist and other parts remain very relevant. From the National Zoo:

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