January 16th, 2017

get critical

Poem for Monday, Sherlock, Victoria, Hanover

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We spent most of Sunday in Hanover visiting Paul's parents. We picked up Domino's on the way and spent the afternoon eating, chatting, Skyping relatives, and listening to Clair and Adam play the violin -- though the stroke affected Clair's ability to read words, he can still read music. There was a gorgeous overcast sky but it wasn't terribly cold. We stopped on the way home at CVS and Giant, and since we'd left dinner in the slow cooker, we ate it in front of the TV when we arrived.

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Though we listened to much of the Green Bay game on the radio and saw Pittsburgh win, we spent most of the evening watching the Sherlock season finale, which had so many Batman elements that it felt like self-parody many times -- don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but the things that bothered me about the first season still bother me -- then Victoria, which felt like The Tudors set at Downton Abbey (fun, but not an improvement on The Young Victoria and not as visually engaging as The Crown).