January 17th, 2017


Poem for Tuesday, Arrival, ArtsFest

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Adam had MLK Day off, so since it was chilly and overcast and Maddy had to work at the movie theater, we went to see Arrival. It's very well-made, with great acting, a plot that's less predictable than a big action sci-fi, and a solid central role for the female protagonist who gets to be the smartest person, but it's also depressing and fatalistic, and I can't decide whether I find the gender expectations as predetermined as the timeline (men: physicists and warriors, women: responsible for communication, performed better globally than in personal life).

We took Adam back to College Park after the movie, then came home to deal with things like laundry and trash collection delayed by the holiday. We had toad-in-the-hole for dinner at my request. Afterward we caught up on Madam Secretary (much better without the election storyline) and Elementary (pretty good in general this season), then since we were already on our butts we watched the new Timeless (the protagonists need to be more proactive, there's too much being jerked around by Flynn). From Annmarie Gardens' Artsfest last summer:

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