February 15th, 2017

little review

Poem for Wednesday and Valentine's Day

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My Tuesday involved lots of chores, but it was a good day -- Paul got a job offer from his first interview! (Which is sucky timing as they want him to start instantly, but it's still a positive after a year of a massive amount of shit.) We had to drag Maddy shopping a bunch of places so we took her to lunch at California Tortilla, which has its Superfood Burrito Bowls back and free Nutella chips for Valentine's Day, plus we had Valentine candy from my parents and each other.

I spent the late afternoon doing exciting things like dyeing my hair, backing up my hard drive, and folding laundry, and we had a crazy busy evening with more chores, so we didn't eat dinner till after 8 p.m. in front of the television watching A Good Year, because it's Valentine's Day and it has Russell and Cheryl has it so we could watch together long distance. And we caught up on Victoria, where I missed Rufus. Here is Lego Batman from my Valentine this year: