March 10th, 2017


Poem for Friday and Brookside in Bloom

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Thursday was an even more gorgeous day than Wednesday -- 70 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze, and since it's supposed to drop into the 40s tomorrow, we figured we should enjoy the spring! So after various chores and lunch, we went to Brookside Gardens, which has streams of daffodils and puddles of crocuses plus an explosion of early cherry blossoms. No goslings yet, though there were plenty of Canada goose pairs, a few ducks, and some butterflies.

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It was the actual day of my mother's birthday, though the extended family celebrated last weekend, so we went out to dinner with her and my father at Trapezaria, where I had several of my favorite things including hummus, fire feta, dolmades, and rice pudding. Then we watched the first two episodes of the new season of Broadchurch, which is just as upsetting as the last season, plus some catch-up on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee before Kristen Stewart on Colbert.