March 12th, 2017

get critical

Poem for Sunday and Van Gogh in Arles

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Saturday was miserably cold -- not that the cold really bothers me, but it's killing the cherry blossoms and lots of other flowers blooming early because so far it's been a mild winter. Plus we're supposed to get real snow on Tuesday, meaning we probably can't go to Virginia, which sucks. It didn't stop me from doing anything fun, at least -- I went to a stitch'n'bitch at Karen's with Heather, Teresa, Erin, and Jim while Paul was doing shopping chores, then he picked me up and we went to Target together, took a walk around the lake, saw geese, and picked up Moana on DVD.

We had Israeli couscous with chick peas and raisins for dinner since it's Purim, then we watched 20th Century Women, which was marketed and reviewed as a funny, sad, wistful look at the lives of three women. This is the biggest BS advertising campaign since Million Dollar Baby as a woman's story of triumph over adversity; the entire movie revolves around the character of Annette Bening's son and I'm not even sure it passes the Bechdel Test since all the women ever talk about are how to find and/or raise a real man. I did not like it at all. Van Gogh's inspirations in Arles:

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