March 14th, 2017

get critical

Poem for Tuesday, Logan, Château de Puivert

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The sky is currently falling, which is kind of a relief -- after days of warnings that led to lots of changes and cancellations, including my own plans, at least the storm has turned out to be a real thing -- but it means we're going to have a quiet Tuesday. We decided to get out while we could on Monday afternoon to see Logan, which was superbly acted, easily my favorite of the Wolverine films and in my top 3 X-Men movies overall, but the violence was pretty extreme, not on a grand scale like X3 or DOFP with cities collapsing but up close and very personal and bloody. Collapse )

We went out for ice cream and walked a bit in the park after the movie, then came home and watched the episode of Billions that we missed last night. After seeing the pizza scene in that episode, we thought about ordering pizza for dinner, but they were already running an hour and a half behind schedule even though the snow hadn't started falling yet. I went for a walk in the neighborhood right as the flakes began, since it wasn't very cold and it smelled good, then we had frozen Morningstar Farms ribs and sweet potato fries and watched Jackie, in which Portman is better than the screenplay and Sarsgaard is all wrong as Bobby Kennedy, but it's interesting enough to be worth the rental. Here are some photos from the Château de Puivert, a Cathar castle besieged by Crusaders; the front sections date from the 14th century, but the rear sections retain the ruins of the older castle.

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