April 12th, 2017

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Poem for Wednesday, Daniel and Cat

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I got up early Tuesday because we needed to drop the van off for servicing, but apart from trips back and forth to retrieve it and to take Maddy to work, plus a few minutes walking in the park where I watched Georgetown's baseball team practice, it was not a very eventful nearly-80-degree day. We did go to Dunkin Donuts for lunch because Maddy had a coffee coupon and that put us in the mood for food there, and we drove around the neighborhood looking at the fabulous crab apple blossoms. In the evening we tried to catch up on Once Upon a Time and watch Agents of SHIELD, but it's hard to say which one felt more tired, contrived, and recycled, probably the latter because so many of the female characters are written so badly. So now we have Fantasy Boyfriend Ward and Skye plays Captain America in elevators yet can be beaten up by May's goons? Aida whinges about love while Agnes is silent and two men talk and talk about them? Ugh.

I'm super distracted tonight trying to import communities to Dreamwidth while researching places I could host photos that will crosspost to Blogger and a couple of other journaling sites if LiveJournal disappears. I agreed to the new terms of service because I still don't see how my refusing to use the service helps LGBTQ people in Russia or anywhere else -- I fully understand why many people would rather leave than agree not to post certain things, but I "agreed not to post" certain things when 6A ran LiveJournal and didn't always follow the TOS and LJ survived. My only concern is that if LJ does start cracking down on journals in English, I could lose photos in my Scrapbook, and though those are all backed up elsewhere, they'll vanish from every journal currently showing them. Because he's not here for Passover, here are some photos of Daniel with Katniss "helping" him do work and eat when he was here earlier in the year:

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