April 16th, 2017


Poem for Sunday, McCrillis Gardens, Garrett Park, Doctor Who

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Whatever is going on with my back is driving me insane -- I am fine walking, I am fine standing, but when I lie down it feels like my leg is falling asleep and when I sit my entire right side hurts. The good news is that I'm getting a lot of exercise, but Paul has the opposite with his sciatica (fine sitting, in pain walking) so we are largely incompatible at present! The weather was so nice that we compromised and went to see azaleas where we could alternately walk and sit, first at McCrillis Gardens, then in Garrett Park:

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It was a terrible baseball day in the area as the Nationals and Orioles both lost, so it was a good thing we didn't stay in to watch them. When we came home, I did some jewelry repair and repurposing, then we had dinner and watched Doctor Who (love the new companion and all the shout-outs to old Doctors, wasn't impressed with the actual story which felt very derivative) and Class (lots of Types, can't tell yet whether there will be actual characters and again the story felt derivative, like the Doctor meets Xavier's School).