May 3rd, 2017

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Poem for Wednesday and Chateau de Puivert Troubadours

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Paul had a good Tuesday -- he got a very nice job offer from a place he'd really like to work! I don't have a lot of excitement to report from my day, which involved various chores though some of them were fun. I'm still doing laundries, we had a lot of cleaning to do in the room Maddy left behind (that carpet will never be the same), and because I needed to get a comforter since she'd been using a twin on a queen bed, I decided that instead of buying a brand new set for that room, I'd put my not-very-old comforter gifted by my mother in there and get something more my style for my room, which Paul was there to approve because he dropped me off at the shopping center with Michael's and Bed, Bath & Beyond while he was at the dentist so I could walk around.

Tomorrow I am having an MRI on my lower back, which hopefully will tell me why it's hurting and won't be too complicated to fix (am really hoping for PT and/or cortisone, nothing more invasive or dangerous). I spent the rest of the afternoon rearranging the linens and cleaning upstairs, which is actually more comfortable right now than sitting at a computer. We watched The Flash, which can't wrap up the current story arc soon enough, and I won't say the same thing about Agents of SHIELD because it's way too late for it to wrap up the excruciating Framework and I no longer care if half the regulars died there. Genius, at least, was brilliant despite a dearth of Geoffrey Rush. Here are some photos from the Château de Puivert, the Cathar castle that once hosted troubadour gatherings:

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