May 9th, 2017

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Great Falls Virginia

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It has been gorgeous and cool here the past few days, and we got plenty of rain, so since we had heard that the Potomac River at Great Falls was cresting pretty impressively, we decided to eat lunch early and go see. Since the bridges to Olmsted Island are closed in Maryland, we went to the Virginia side, where we also walked through the ruins of Matildaville and the Patowmack Canal. The water was indeed high, even in the woods waterfalls, and we saw flying vultures and mating skinks:

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I did a bunch of mostly fun chores, from cleaning fallen petals off the deck to putting laundry away to setting up a little tabletop fountain to hanging up my new lantern. In the evening we watched Supergirl, which had too little actual Kara though I'm glad they gave James his own story, and the season finale of Billions, where sadly no one but Chuck's dad got what they deserved; I like Taylor so I was hoping they'd get fired or at least choose to run far away!