June 7th, 2017

green little review

Poem for Wednesday and Meadowside Nature Center

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Paul starts his new job next week and we have various appointments between now and then, so after lunch we drove out to Roots Market in Olney after a walk along Rock Creek at Meadowside Nature Center. It was a gorgeous not-too-hot day and we saw woodpeckers, geese, and various other wild animals as well as the injured raptors and non-releasable snakes and turtles that livee in the nature center, plus we got vegan whoopie pies, pepper steak, and butterbeer at Roots!

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We picked up Adam and ate butternut squash ravioli and vegan meatballs (also from Roots) for dinner, then we all watched Genius (no sympathy, Elsa, and I'm glad to see Geoffrey Rush though Johnny Flynn was terrific) and Sunday's Last Week Tonight (John Oliver tears into both the "Britain is reeling" and "the climate accords are bad for American business" reports). Early tomorrow I have my delightful annual lady parts checkup, then I get the rest of my peppermint whoopie pie!