June 16th, 2017


Poem for Friday, Lego Batman, Renfaire Kittens

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I had PT on Thursday morning, which went really well because I'd taken migraine medicine the day before and my back and everything else were feeling as good as they get. Not sure it was an accurate reflection of my usual condition but now I get to do Dying Bug Squats! I spent the afternoon doing some rearranging upstairs -- now that Maddy is not here, I can put some things back in Daniel's room that had been moved, and I keep finding new things in there that need to be cleaned. I had quite a bit of feline help until the help fell asleep.

Adam needed to stop at the mall for the bank and currency exchange, so we had dinner there (he and I had hummus and felafel at Cava, Paul had a chicken club sandwich). Then we came home and watched The Lego Batman Movie since Adam had not seen it and we just got it on Blu-Ray; it's still completely delightful (and the Target package comes with a Lego minifig plus postcards). From the Virginia Renfaire, here are Feline Victory Rescue kitties for which the Borgo Medioevale vineyard raises money selling their cider and fruit butters:

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