July 15th, 2017


Poem for Saturday and Folklife Fun

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I spent much of Friday with Alice and Avery, who had an early appointment in Bethesda, then came to get me so we could get Starbucks, sneakers for Avery at the Nike Factory Store, bug bands at REI, various craft things at AC Moore, and free Baskin Robbins mint polar pizza samples. Then we came back to my house and watched Pokemon: The First Movie while eating bagels plus Pokemon cookies that Alice made.

We had dinner with my parents and cake to kick off Adam's birthday week, then Adam went out with friends and Paul and I came home to watch some Versailles and be climbed upon by cats. It was a good evening to see bunnies and toads! Here are some more photos from the Smithsonian Folklife Festival last weekend -- trapeze lessons, clown school, a caravan, model & model-maker and more:

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