August 15th, 2017


Greetings from Morro Bay

I had a perfectly awesome Monday. We woke up and walked down to the shore, where we saw whales breaching and dolphins leaping in the waves at Pismo Beach. Then we had breakfast and drove to Morro Bay, where we took a Sub-Sea Tours boat ride to Morro Rock past sea lions, sea otters, pelicans, cormorants, and the fish seen through the underwater glass sides of the boat. I even got to steer!

We had a picnic by the beach, watching sea otters while ground squirrels watched us, before driving into San Luis Obispo, where we visited the mission church (older than the U.S.) before meeting Alice and her mom at the Madonna Inn to take goofy photos of the extremely tasteful decor. We also got truffles to eat after dinner. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for some toiletries.

Then we returned for a walk on the beach, where we only saw one whale tail but there were literally thousands of seabirds circling out where the sea mammals were. There was also a playful sea otter in the shallow waves finding clams and eating them. We walked beneath the pier and up the street to Thai Talay for dinner, having discovered that they made vegetarian curries! Tomorrow, Noelle's wedding!

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