August 25th, 2017

green little review

Poem for Friday and School Year Start

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Extreme quickie after day out of the house and an hour tonight fighting with Flickr to get these photos posted. I had no vehicle, so Laurie and her son came over to play, then Alice and her son picked us up and we went on a couple of Pokemon raids before going to the mall for lunch and GameStop. Alice and Avery had an afternoon appointment, so I hung out here with Laurie and Elijah and we caught up.

Eventually we caught up with our spouses (she picked Hal up from work in Carderock, Paul came home so we could retrieve the car) and met at Lebanese Taverna in Bethesda for dinner. So it was a lovely long day with friends! These photos are from yesterday, son getting ready to go back to college, having lunch and dinner before going back to college, being possessed by a cat before going back to college, and heading off to a party at college!

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