September 29th, 2017


Poem for Friday, Mount Vernon, "If the Stars Should Appear"

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Another quickie, this time because of technical issues -- Trillian wasn't working so I had chat problems, I had to clean up a document with lots of editing marks, thrilling things like that. I don't have much that's exciting to report anyway: laundry folded, cat food provided, walk in the park in gorgeous weather achieved (plus a Machamp raid and wild Venusaur caught). Maddy had to work through dinner so I hardly saw her today, though Adam got good news about a winter break study abroad program.

We started watching the interrupted-by-lightning Green Bay/Chicago game, though we turned it off for an hour to watch The Orville, which just keeps getting better. Last week they ran parallel ideas to a great TNG episode, "The Outcast"; this week they ripped off a terrible TOS episode, "For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky"...and it worked! I love all the women, especially Palicki and Jerald, and the Surprise Guest Star was awesome. From the Mount Vernon Colonial Fair:

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