October 2nd, 2017

little review

Greetings from the Maryland Renaissance Festival

We dropped Adam off in College Park early on the way to spend most of the day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival with Paul and Cheryl, but Adam realized he'd left his computer cable at our house, so after a lovely afternoon during which we saw Shakespeare's Skum, The Wilde Roses, and Johnny Fox as well as many strolling performers, plus met up with Denise and went through the reptile exhibit with her...

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...we drove home, picked up the computer cable for Adam, and drove back to College Park, where we had dinner with him at Ten Ren Tea and picked up his bike to bring in for repair because the chain is broken. We also stopped at my parents' because I left my phone charger there Saturday. It's recycling and trash day tomorrow so in addition to cleaning up from the Faire, we had to get chores done, and I am exhausted!