October 8th, 2017


Greetings from Sheepshead Bay

My Uncle Larry, my mother's only brother, passed away this morning while we were on the way to the hospital to see him. I'm sad and sorry I didn't get to see him one last time, but he was in so much pain last night that I'm also relieved he is out of pain and enormously grateful that we got here while he was conscious and able to have a conversation. My mother stayed with him all night.

After we met my parents at the hospital and they made many calls to make arrangements, we went out for (truly exceptional) New York pizza, then went to his apartment to get a sense of what might need to be moved, donated, discarded, and kept as family mementos. We were all pretty tired afterward, so my parents went to my sister's house and apaulled and I went for a walk on Plumb Beach, then grabbed dinner at a local Italian place and watched the Terps and Wolverines have bad days.

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