November 7th, 2017

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Brookside Chrysanthemums

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Yeah, I know I promised yesterday that I would post more about Thor: Ragnarok today, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow because I ran late working on a computer project and watching the Green Bay-Detroit game. It wasn't an exciting day otherwise: some work, some laundry, two Suicune raids with friends, and lots of enjoyment of the continuing insane November weather in the 70s including a walk in Cabin John Park and a walk in the neighborhood.

I set up the Roku I bought weeks ago but hadn't gotten around yet to registering, but I didn't have time to play with the channels (recommendations for which ones have the best free stuff welcome) because Supergirl was on and fortunately this week involved lots of Supercorp and nobody praying to Kara as a god! Not loving the Alex storyline but I get that one of the actresses made it necessary. Here are some pics of the chrysanthemums at Brookside:

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