November 20th, 2017


Poem for Monday and Seneca Creek Autumn

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We had a low-key Sunday with Daniel, who slept late because he wasn't quite on East Coast time and wanted to work out before we went anywhere. So I spent the morning sorting beads and repurposing earrings, then we had lunch and went to Seneca Creek State Park to enjoy the gorgeous cool weather while there are still leaves on the trees. The Gaithersburg winter light festival isn't open for the season yet but the installations are in place, so we got to see some of those, too!

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We had to stop at Target on the way home to get kitty litter, then we went to my parents' for snacks, dinner, and the Patriots-Raiders game (the Ravens had already beaten Green Bay handily). When we came home we watched Eddie the Eagle because Daniel hadn't seen it and everything about that movie is pure joy. Now we're watching Madam Secretary very delayed by football, Maddy just got home from working all day, and the cats are taking turns trying to snuggle with Daniel on the couch.