November 25th, 2017

little review

Greetings from the C&O Canal

Maddy had to work all day for Black Friday at both Lush and California Pizza Kitchen, but the rest of us did no shopping -- Paul and Adam had to work in the morning, Daniel worked out, I fought with my computer (unsuccessfully) to stop it from installing the update that keeps deleting my AMD drivers. After everyone was done working, we went to the C&O Canal to take a walk, came home to rest and watch some Chopped, then went to Sheba for Ethiopian food.

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We have just spent the evening watching first The Hitman's Bodyguard (quite violent but hilarious, Jackson and Reynolds are great together, their comedy styles really complement each other, and Salma Hayek pretty much runs away with the movie though I wish she was in it more) followed by Keanu (really much too violent for me, but much more subversive both cinematically and in terms of its social observations, Key and Peele are great as always, and the kitten is adorable)!