December 6th, 2017

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Harry Potter Potions

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Apart from a walk and two lunchtime Pokemon raids at Cabin John Park (one successful, one not, both with friends so it's all good), my Tuesday was uneventful besides screaming at the news. I worked on holiday cards, I did some writing, I did some housework, I did some laundry. I screamed some more at the news.

We watched the winter finale of The Flash -- I'm really sick of the DeVoe thing, and Iris's Being Married being treated as a story arc -- then we caught up on Supergirl which I didn't love either (also too soapy, I like Samantha's story but Kara, Lena, and Jimmy should all just move in together).

Here are some photos from the Delaware Museum of Natural History's exhibit The Wands and Potions of Harry Potter, created to showcase Delaware State University's herbarium collection by comparing traditional and magical uses of the wood and plant materials in handmade wands and bottles of ingredients.

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