December 19th, 2017

little review

Poem for Tuesday, Chaos, National Zoo Pandas

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Another extreme quickie, this time because my day was a disaster area -- got a flat tire in the morning apparently though the pressure light never came on so by the time I got home it was absolutely shredded and had to be replaced not repaired, watched the awful train wreck near Seattle on the news waiting for AAA, took the car to get the tire replaced (we ended up having to replace two since the other front tire was pretty worn), was met by Paul so we could drop off the other vehicle to get its brake pads replaced on Tuesday which had already been scheduled.

Then I just spent the evening having a struggle with Verizon, since my brand new laptop has become slower and slower in the evenings and tonight it kicked me offline literally every fifteen seconds. Verizon did something or other to the router remotely, then had us reset it twice, and while the laptop appears (at least for now) to be connecting fine, I lost the entire night to chatting with customer support using the phone as a mobile hotspot to find out what we needed to be done. More on Star Wars and stuff tomorrow! Here are some ancient National Zoo panda photos!

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