December 23rd, 2017


Poem for Saturday and Conservatory Orchids

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Paul worked from home on Friday because the van was being serviced. I took Maddy to work, then took Adam to the food store to get snacks for the all night movie marathon at which I left him soon after. Unfortunately Maddy fell and hit her head and came home early, and after a consultation with her doctor, we took her to urgent care to find out whether she has a concussion (they thought yes). Since the medical facility is right next to the Original Pancake House, we had dinner there.

Now Maddy is asleep (they told us we don't need to make sure we can wake her up every couple of hours), Adam is somewhere between A Clockwork Orange and The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish, and we have watched this week's Agents of SHIELD, which has actually mostly been fun this season, and Eric Idle's The Entire Universe, which is complete hilarious crack. Tomorrow afternoon Daniel is arriving! Here are some flowers in Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's winter conservatory:

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