January 13th, 2018


Poem for Saturday, Machine Learning, Painting Shakespeare

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Paul's boss invited Adam to come speak to their work group about machine learning, so after morning chores and leftovers for lunch, we went to Paul's office, where Adam talked for an hour about how TensorFlow and Matlab are used to mine and process data and about his own research during jobs and internships at UMCP, Texas State, and the NIH (and starting next week at NASA) enabling computers to identify emotional expressions, evaluate images, and various mathematical things I don't dare try to explain. It was very interesting even for me who doesn't understand the math involved.

I stopped at the bank with Adam to pick up a cashier's check to pay for his new car, then he went to the Walk the Moon concert downtown with friends and I waited for Paul for dinner, then Blindspot (great this season) and Agents of SHIELD (started strong, now is juggling a lot of new characters I don't really care about, needs to refocus on the team). Plus we watched the pilot of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (free on Amazon Prime this weekend) to see if the Golden Globes were right, and we enjoyed it; will certainly watch some more. Some photos from the Folger Library's Painting Shakespeare exhibit last month:

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