February 15th, 2018


Poem for Thursday and Yuri on Ice Valentine

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My Valentine's Day started with two Rayquaza raids in Cabin John Park and a Kyogre raid at Starbucks, followed by lunch with raiding friends (we were joking that others might be looking for love but we were looking for Luvdiscs). So I got some exercise and some bagels, then came home and did work for a few hours before I got distracted talking to mamadracula and her daughter on the phone. I saw the horrible news about the Florida shooting and just have no words, since no one wants to listen to the obvious solution to mass shootings.

apaulled took me to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner, because I love their goat cheese and raspberry salad, and gave me the card below plus a deck of Yuri on Ice playing cards, chocolate, and a necklace with Thor and Loki-colored Swarovski crystals. We tried to watch the pairs skating long program though NBC only wanted to show the top five couples and made us sit through a lot of time-wasters about weather problems affecting the giant slalom instead, but I love the top three couples and the married American pair, so it's all good.

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