March 10th, 2018


Poem for Saturday and Art Cats

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I had lots of dumb chores to do on Friday, so most of my day was unexciting, though I stopped at the mall to get my mother a birthday card and wound up doing a Rayquaza raid with a mother and adult daughter from Wheaton, new to the game, who were looking forlornly for someone to join them (I caught Rayquaza with no help, so it was all good, and I caught a very high level wild Blastoise right near the mall so that was fun!). Also, I got a free Blu-Ray copy of Thor: Ragnarok because the special edition Target shipped me had the exclusive little book glued into its pocket so that the pocket had to be damaged to remove it, and since they're sold out and couldn't ship a new one with the book, they gave me a refund instead.

It was my mother's birthday, so we picked up my parents at their house, then picked up Adam from his apartment and went to Kapnos in College Park. The food is exceptional -- we shared tyrokaftari, melitzanosalata, dolmades, maroulosalata, saganaki, kolokithokeftedes, plus the meat eaters had lamb and chicken, then we also shared baklava, chocolate mousse, and some kind of crumbly apple cobbler with ice cream -- and it's nice to have new restaurants in College Park! After we dropped off Adam and then my parents, we came home and watched Agents of SHIELD (so much better this season). Here are some photos from Richmond of the VMFA's recent exhibit of Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen cats through Nouveau, Deco, and Modernist phases:

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