March 21st, 2018


Poem for Wednesday, Incredible Hulk, Longwood Gardens

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Happy first day of spring! We had freezing rain all day, which turned at times into sleet and hail and finally snow. And more snow. Our forecast has gone from 2-4 inches to 5-10 inches, everything in the area is going to be closed tomorrow, I didn't even fold the laundry today because there is no doubt that I'm going to be stuck in the house tomorrow and can fold it then. I went out for about twenty minutes to get a couple of things done but otherwise stayed near home watching my daffodils slowly collapsing under the weight of ice and snow.

Rose visited with treats for the cats, we had leftover Thai food from my mom for dinner, then Cheryl, Paul and I (in our respective houses) watched The Incredible Hulk to continue our MCU marathon, though Cheryl was confused about whether Ang Lee's Hulk counts as canon backstory and I have to admit I'm not clear on the reboot/sequel relationship there, since the later movie's origin story is rushed through behind the opening credits. Since Wednesday will be a whiteout, here is some color from Longwood Gardens:

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