April 4th, 2018


Poem for Wednesday, Doctor Strange, USBG Orchids

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Tuesday was a chilly, rainy spring day, though there's a lot of color -- cherry trees, daffodils, forsythia, magnolias, the first redbuds and tulips -- so it wasn't as depressing as gray days sometimes are. I had some stops to make around lunchtime, plus I caught a Latios at a raid at the Bolger Center in the drizzle (and I found a shiny Swablu), so I got to see the gardens there and hang out with some of my raiding group. Otherwise my day was about writing, laundry, and other unexciting things.

Paul had a birthday coupon for Not Your Average Joe's that was about to expire, so we went there for dinner -- I had pizza with sesame-orange sauce and pistachios from the power salad, we shared the peanut butter thing for dessert -- then we watched Doctor Strange with Cheryl. Visually, it's my favorite of the MCU besides the first Thor, though I don't connect with the characters as much as many of the others. From the US Botanic Garden, some of the orchid show:

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