April 6th, 2018

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Poem for Friday, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spring Sheep

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Thursday was a gorgeous day and I spent a decent part of the afternoon walking in the woods with friends! This was necessary because we are, ridiculously, supposed to have snow on Saturday and who knows how many of the cherry blossoms, daffodils, and magnolia flowers will survive that. I also hung out with Maddy, who is going on job interviews (she has found a second job at Georgetown Bagels that she likes so much, she'd like to find something else with compatible hours instead of her previous job).

Paul discovered that it was National Burrito Day and, in its honor, California Tortilla had a buy one-get one free deal, so we ate dinner there. Afterward, we watched Spider-Man: Homecoming with Cheryl, which remains an utter delight: believable high school students, adorable Peter, Daddy Tony Stark, a Bechdel pass by smart girls, the Captain America PSAs! Because they are also adorable, here are some more pics of the sheep and lambs at Mount Vernon over the weekend:

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