April 9th, 2018


Poem for Monday, VMFA Romeo and Juliet, Deep Run Park

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Paul and I spent most of Sunday in Richmond with Cheryl, with whom we had tickets to go see the Quill Theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet at the VMFA, which is quite good with a very limited set and not precise period costumes (Romeo as usual comes across fairly young and obnoxious, Juliet is the most sympathetic character, the nurse -- same actress we saw there in The Lion in Winter -- is hilarious, Mercutio is a very naughty boy). We also saw the exhibit The Horse in Ancient Greek Art and a bit of the main Greek gallery.

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We went to Deep Run Park to walk, then we all met Lin at Mexico Restaurant for dinner before Paul and I left Cheryl at her house and drove home, where we arrived in time to take out the recycling and watch this week's Timeless, which has been great so far this season (I mean, still a lot of historical crack but fun storylines and interesting relationships). Both the Orioles and Nationals played extra innings and the Nats are still going, even after we watched John Oliver's excellent piece on so-called crisis pregnancy centers and the lies they can get away with telling.