April 22nd, 2018


Poem for Sunday and Countryside Artisans

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Quickie, am watching X-Men: Apocalypse with Paul, Adam, and Cheryl after a nice day first at the Countryside Artisans spring tour -- in photos below, at Something Earthy pottery studio and farm with many crafts plus goats and chickens, at Heron's Meadow Farm which grows tea and makes handmade teapots and cups, at Art of Fire glassblowing studio which also invites other Maryland Renaissance Festival artisans like the wandmaker and a harpsichord player, plus at least three cats that we met, and Dancing Leaf Farm, with yarn and fabric crafts, sheep and chickens, two dogs and another cat. Then we came home to pick up Maddy and meet Adam, both of whom came with us to go see Paul's brother Dave and their parents in Thurmont, where we had dinner at Simply Asia!

2018-04-21 14.01.42
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