April 30th, 2018


Poem for Monday, Relatives, McCrillis Gardens, Westworld

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My father's brother Mickey and his wife Lesley were in town because her company had meetings in DC, so in the morning we went downtown with my parents and Adam to meet them for brunch at Juniper in the Fairmont Hotel. It was yummy and very fun to see them! Then we drove back, and Adam, who had slept in his car after getting to our house after 2 a.m. (we had a miscommunication about not putting the chain on the door), took a nap for several hours while Paul and I went to McCrillis Gardens to see the early azaleas.

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Adam woke up for dinner, then stayed to watch Westworld (a talky, thoughtful episode, more violence implied than shown for a change) and Timeless (mostly predictable and Adam mocked the conventions of TV drama in the storyline, but also some nice shipper moments and I will never say no to a suffragette storyline). Now Adam is headed back to College Park and I will be stuck at home without a car tomorrow since one of our vehicles is in for service, so I have no excuse for not getting my work done!