May 5th, 2018


Poem for Saturday and Washingtonian Goslings

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My Friday was fairly ordinary and I didn't even do anything Star Wars-y for May the Fourth. I walked in the park with friends, I had egg salad for lunch courtesy the bagel place where Maddy works, I organized some computer stuff, I tried to figure out how to finish an article that's still not finished.

We had dinner with my parents, then came home and watched this week's excellent Blindspot (yay Bill Nye and Rodney McKay!), this week's very good Agents of SHIELD (yay Infinity War tie-in and endgame in sight), and the most recent episode of Billions (so many terrible people, so little time).

The Nationals won their sixth straight and the Orioles haven't lost yet, so it was a good baseball day, at least so far. Here are some more photos of the Washingtonian Lake goslings (plus a couple of turtles) in the sun on the other side of the Washingtonian Marriott from where I saw them last week:

2018-05-03 13.02.39
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