June 10th, 2018


Poem for Sunday and Washingtonian Shopping

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For the next few weeks if I write about what I'm doing most of the day it's going to be boring, repetitive, and horrible, so I'll only write about the non-horrible stuff, like finding a little mirror I thought I'd lost buried under a pile of museum brochures and being told that we only have to remove 2/3 of our books rather than all our books if we use steam instead of heat to fumigate the house. Plus we went to Target to get a pump for our air mattress because we can't deal with another night on the sleep sofa mattress (after dinner at Cava because I stopped at the mall for a Kyogre raid) and although we got caught in pouring rain, we got to hear a few minutes of the free concert and watch the adult geese try to keep their children from getting cold and drenched. And we watched the Nationals win, and although we did not watch, Justify is now a Triple Crown winner.

2018-06-09 19.01.20A
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