June 23rd, 2018


Greetings from Somewhere

On the first full day of summer, it rained most of the afternoon and the temperature never got above 70. Which was fine, though the new comforter I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy got a bit rained on, as did the new cat blanket from Tuesday Morning. Otherwise my day was laundry and really more packing than unpacking -- now that my Star Trek books are clean, I am going to give most of them away, because let's face it, I am never rereading 98 percent of them.

The cats are relieved that the beds have covers on them again, at least, and are back on their usual eating schedule. I got a few more gifts but I didn't even manage to get to a Regice raid. After a bunch of work and a quick dinner, we caught up on The 100 before putting on the disastrous Orioles game, which is still not over in the 14th after they needed three outs in the ninth for a win. Tomorrow: more attempts to get some aspect of my life in order.

2018-06-21 10.36.38
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