June 25th, 2018

little review

Greetings from Jurassic World

After a morning of unpacking some stuff and packing up some other stuff, we were going to have a relaxing afternoon and evening with Cheryl, but as we loaded the car with boxes of fannish stuff I was delivering to her, we discovered that it had a flat tire. By the time we got out in the van, I-95 had two new backups, Google Maps sent us a different way, and we really did not think we were going to get to Potomac Mills before Jurassic World started (we'd already bought IMAX 3D tickets). After a lot of honking and running through the parking lot, we did manage to make it inside, without enough time to get drinks so I was headachy and thirsty in the 3D glasses until I got distracted by the film itself.

I enjoyed Fallen Kingdom; it's pretty dark compared to the others, but I think my adrenaline was so high that I wasn't nearly as bothered by people getting eaten alive as I might normally have been. Then we had dinner at the Silver Diner in Dale City and went to see Ocean Orchestra at Mason District Park, which was lovely if bittersweet since lead singer Lisa will be gone for a year while finishing her doctorate out of state, so this is the last concert with her in a long while. They did a new song and Steve put on his Green Man garb despite the heat. We made it home without a lot of traffic, but then Paul's parents called with some terrible news about someone very close to them, so there went the evening.

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