June 27th, 2018


Greetings from the Road to Annapolis

Tonight my excuse for distraction is watching primary election results around late-night comedians (because I needed to know both what Fallon would say about the Bigot In Chief's tweets about him, and awesomely enough, Fallon, Colbert, and O'Brien collaborated on a skit about the Bigot In Chief). It was mostly a shitty, shitty news day courtesy the Supreme Court, which believes in Muslim bans and lying to women about abortion rights. And my candidate for Congress did not win, in part because she was running against a guy who spent more than $10 million of his own money on his campaign; I like most of his positions but I'm uncomfortable with both the lack of political experience and the shopping-for-a-seat campaigning.

We Democrats nominated the more progressive of the top candidates for governor, and although I don't like some of the things he said as a Bernie Sanders surrogate, I don't know that center-left Baker would have pulled votes away from our fairly popular, moderate Republican governor as much as Jealous will get younger Democrats to show up in the fall, which is crucial for a Democrat to retake the governor's mansion. Anyway, voting was my major expedition out of the house after spending most of the day putting the upstairs back in some semblance of order (more clothes, books, and things are getting removed for donation, so things aren't all going back where they came from).

We went from there to pick up the van from the Toyota place so hopefully now all our vehicles will run as expected, and my catsitter neighbor stopped by to pick up the carrier she had loaned us to take the cats to and from the hotel, so I got to be social for a few minutes. I also got to watch this week's The 100, which was about as distressing as usual, and Succession, which makes everyone on Billions seem like a really nice person and devoted family member. I don't even know how I feel about Russell Crowe playing Roger Ailes for Showtime, I'm sure he'll be great but I don't want to watch a show about Ailes and Fox! Current mood:

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