July 28th, 2018


Poem for Friday, Gum Wall, I Capture the Castle

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I feel like on weekdays I should just post old photos unless something exciting actually happens, which is rare this summer when so much of my life is chores and cleaning and not even enough work to mention. Friday morning, at least, was fairly nice, and I walked in the park for a while before a Registeel raid and lunch. My afternoon was so unmemorable that I don't even remember what I did in what order.

We had dinner with my parents at CPK, then came home and watched some baseball before deciding to put on I Capture the Castle, which I had not seen and it's free now on Amazon Prime. It was a compelling story and extremely well acted, but somehow from the title I expected a happier or at least a more triumphant-feeling ending! This is Seattle's infamous Market Theater Gum Wall under Pike Place Market:

2018-07-06 12.09.59
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