August 2nd, 2018

little review

Poem for Thursday and Homstead Farm

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It's pouring buckets of rain right now, meaning water is probably leaking into the attic and through it into the closet, and our insurance adjustor and their preferred repair company can't come till next week. And my day has sucked in so many other ways -- mundane ongoing household disasters, bad news from a friend, learning about both the death of a relative whom I haven't seen for many years but remember as a genuinely nice guy (and he leaves children close in age to mine and had a long and awful decline before the end), the death of a different relative's beloved pet -- since all these things actually happened in July, I am just declaring Wednesday as Officially The Last Day Of That Shitty Month and demanding a different start to August. Since Lammas is the start of the harvest season, here is Homestead Farm from last weekend:

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