August 10th, 2018


Poem for Friday and Golden Gardens Park

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The dehumidifier is making the upstairs of our house extremely warm, so after a morning of chores I really had to get out of the house. I met friends for Registeel raids near Rockville Pike, then since I was in the area I went to Bagel City and Pier One, which has a lot of its summer nautical plates and decor on sale as they get their fall items in stock, like the starfish tray I got for $11.

DC football's preseason started Thursday night, but after a quarter, Paul was more in the mood to watch the first Mission: Impossible movie after having seen the later ones. I think I completely missed it before -- I vaguely remembered the second movie, but I would remember the aquarium restaurant if I'd ever seen it. A sunny day at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle last month:

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