August 14th, 2018

get critical

Poem for Tuesday, Mission Impossible 2, MoCo Bunnies

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We had to get up early on Monday because the bedbug-sniffing dog and the inspector came to recheck our house, but good news -- they found no bedbugs! Not even evidence of bedbugs! And then the company our insurance sent to dry out the flood in son's closet came to retrieve their dehumidifiers and could not find any evidence of leakage from the roof or attic, so that was, knock wood, good news. Now we just need to get the room rebuilt.

Because karma is insisting on keeping me in check, I did have a series of minor disasters shipping a package to older son, though it was otherwise a low-key day of chores (all beds had to be remade and floors vacuumed after house repairs). We watched Mission: Impossible 2, which we had not seen before and did not love except Thandie Newton, and the new Elementary, ditto. Here are some of the rabbits being judged at the county fair:

2018-08-12 15.04.28
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