August 28th, 2018

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Mycological Association

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Too appropriate a topic not to post with the photos I took yesterday, "'Introduction to Mycology' addresses a friend and one-time lover who was a victim of a workplace shooting," Rathburn told Poem-a-Day. "I wasn’t prepared for the places the news would send my mind as I was writing, but I decided to follow the poem...I think of it as an elegy not only for my friend, but for innocence too."

My Monday was quite uneventful after a very busy weekend -- laundry, CVS, catching up on correspondence and some writing, a couple of Ho-oh raids before they ended in the afternoon. I watched Begin Again while folding laundry because I was in the mood for music and the cast. After dinner (leftover Nic-o-bolis and Mexican food) we watched this week's Elementary. Mycology at Brookside:

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