September 13th, 2018


Poem for Thursday, Becket, Mont Saint-Michel

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Wednesday actually had a couple of hours with no rain here, so I tried to do all my grocery-and-bagels chores before it returned. (Not that I'm complaining, since it looks like Hurricane Florence has decided to make life miserable in the Carolinas instead of barreling up here.) The rest of the day was quite dull but I am pleased to report that all the trip laundry is now washed and folded! Also, Daniel got me watching metal versions of songs from The Greatest Showman.

Having watched The Lion In Winter and being in the mood for more Plantagenets, I checked Amazon Prime and discovered that they were showing Becket, the prequel -- not just about Henry II but even starring Peter O'Toole in that role. It's a less witty drama but still great. Since I can't do what Monet did and paint Mont Saint-Michel in different light, here are photos from one evening and one morning (plus a painting by post-Impressionist Paul Signac for comparison):

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