September 23rd, 2018


Poem for Sunday, Annmarie Artsfest and Flag Ponds

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Our plan for Saturday was to go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, but Cheryl wasn't feeling well and didn't think four hours of driving was a good idea, so while she stayed home to recover, Paul and I went to ArtsFest at Annmarie Sculpture Garden in Solomons. There are always wonderful glass and jewelry craftspeople and lots of food vendors; we ate lunch while listening to PBC Vocals and I caught lots of Chikoritas for Pokemon Go's Community Day while walking through the craft displays in the woods. I only bought a couple of little things!

Then we drove to Flag Ponds Park and walked down to the beach. The water in the Chesapeake was pretty much the same temperature as the air, and the waves were bigger than usual because of the wind, so it was a really awesome beach day; we even saw some crabs as well as the usual greedy seagulls. Since we had to pass College Park on the way home, we messaged Adam (whose girlfriend is out of town visiting family) to see if he wanted to have dinner and we ended up at IHOP. Then we binged the rest of Jack Ryan. So all in all a good first day of fall!

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