October 26th, 2018

green little review

Poem for Friday and Postal Museum Flowers

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Thursday had gorgeous weather, and since it's supposed to rain Saturday and ruin our weekend plans to enjoy outdoor autumn gardens, I went to the park for over an hour after breakfast and laundry. It was lovely -- I ran into several friends and met some people at a Giratina raid -- then I came home for lunch and some work and reminding cats not to sleep on the vents all day.

I made Paul a desk calendar for 2019 while watching the not-very-exciting Miami-Houston game, which the Dolphins were losing by a lot when I switched over to Colbert, whom I am now cheating on with Fallon because he has Tiffany Haddish on. Some multi-seasonal color from the National Postal Museum's Beautiful Blooms: Flowering Plants on Stamps exhibit:

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