October 31st, 2018

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Poem for Wednesday and Pre-Halloween

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I was out pretty much all day on Tuesday -- stopped in Target before lunch with Kay at Tara Thai (belatedly for her birthday, it's been that kind of month), then a bit of a walk around Washingtonian Lake followed by stops in Charming Charlie (liquidating Halloween jewelry), Pier 1 (liquidating summer merchandise), and Kohl's (six shirts for $17 on clearance rack, the most expensive one was under $6). Then Paul and I ran out to Giant before dinner to make sure we had all our Halloween stuff.

Cats now have heated throws on the couch, so I had lots of company watching this week's The Flash (not very believable family dynamics) and Black Lightning (fantastic as always, especially the family dynamics though also the social issues), followed by the Supergirl we missed (really enjoying this season though the politics are sometimes a bit too close to reality for my blood pressure to appreciate). In honor of Halloween, a collection of things seen shopping and around the neighborhood this fall:

2018-10-07 19.52.47
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